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Lucy Ash

Lucy Ash Biography

Lucy Ash is an award-winning broadcast journalist presenting BBC Radio Current Affairs. She joined BBC in March 1994. Previously, she was a senior broadcast journalist.

Lucy Ash Age

Her age is unknown.

Lucy Ash Height

She is tall in stature. However, her height is undisclosed.

Lucy Ash Nationality

Ash is British.

Lucy Ash Education

Lucy attended Camden School for Girls. She also graduated from the University of Oxford with a Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature in 1983.

She speaks Russian. “Russian is the other language I speak. I wasn’t planning on doing Russian at school but the Russian teacher was just great and she was a really good storyteller who told loads of stories about how she grew up in a tiny village. I didn’t do Russian at university, I did English, but I carried on doing Russian conversation classes just to keep it up.”

Lucy Ash Parents

Lucy’s mum is an ardent Francophile, she loves everything about France but she can’t speak it very well. So she decided to make her kids learn French from quite an early age.

“So I got sent to stay with a French family every summer from the age of 12 to 16,” Lucy said.

“I must admit sometimes I used to say “mum do I really have to go?” but eventually I got to the point where I started thinking in French and I didn’t even realize I was doing that,” she added.

Lucy Ash Husband

Lucy has been married to his husband, John Kampfner, a British author, broadcaster, and commentator since 1992. In March 2022, Kampfner was appointed an Executive Director at Chatham House.

Kampfner was born in Singapore to a Jewish father from Bratislava and a Protestant mother from Chatham-Kent. He attended Westminster School and later graduated from The Queen’s College, Oxford with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Modern History and Russian.

He has written six books and they include:

  • Inside Yeltsin’s Russia: Corruption, Conflict, Capitalism (1994).
  • A 1998 biography of former Labour Foreign Secretary Robin Cook.
  • A study of Tony Blair’s interventionist foreign policy Blair’s Wars (2003).
  • Freedom For Sale: How We Made Money And Lost Our Liberty (2009).
  • The Rich, a 2000-year history, from slaves to super-yachts.
  • Why The Germans Do It Better, Notes From A Grown-Up Country was published by Atlantic in August 2020.
  • His latest book, History of Berlin is due to be published in late 2023.

The couple lives in London and has two daughters.

Lucy Ash BBC

Ash is an award-winning presenter of radio and TV documentaries. Driven by a passion for justice and human rights, she focuses on characters at the margins of society and conflicts which have dropped out of the headlines.


Although she mostly does current affairs, she is also fascinated by the way stories from the past century inform the present like the great mystery of the Dyatlov Pass, The Night Witches, the world’s first female fighter pilots, and Operation Pedro Pan, about the mass exodus of children from Castro’s Cuba.

She presents programmes on international theatre, film, and visual arts. She also speaks fluent French, and Russian and she is a trustee of Jerwood Arts.

Ash’s work has been described as “unforgettable” and “taken from journalism’s top drawer”. She began her career as a producer in Moscow in 1990. In 1994 she returned to London to join BBC Radio 4’s Euro file, reporting mainly from Russia, Eastern Europe, and France.

Her most recent work includes:

  • Ukraine’s Frontline Bakery (Radio 4, World Service, and BBC World TV) is a radio documentary and film about a new bakery in the town of Marinka, Eastern Ukraine, which is bringing some comfort and sustenance to the local people amidst the trauma of war.
  • The Red and the White (BBC World Service, BBC Russian) is a three-part radio series on the Allied Intervention in North Russia at the end of WWI.
  • Russia’s Exit Dilemma (Radio 3, World Service) in which Ash meets emigres, exiles, and staunch remainers in London and Berlin, Moscow, and St Petersburg to weigh up the prospects for the young and ambitious in today’s Russia.
  • Putin’s Park, Rebooting Rural Russia, and Extreme Selfies – Russian Style

Lucy Ash Awards

  • Sony Gold Award, Chechnya, 2010.
  • Foreign Press Association Award, Chechnya’s Missing Women, 2009.
  • Commonwealth Broadcasting Association Rolls Royce Award, Exceptional News Feature, Global Account: Turkmenistan.
  • Amnesty International Media Award, India’s Dowry Deaths, 2004.
  • Sony Gold Award, India’s Dowry Deaths, 2004.
  • One World Media Award, India’s Dowry Deaths, 2004.
  • Amnesty International Award, Israel Palestine 2002.
  • New York Radio Festivals Award, The Swallowers Undertaker 2000.
  • European Community Humanitarian Office TV and Radio awards for outstanding programmes highlighting humanitarian crises Russian Jails 1997.

Lucy Ash Salary and Net Worth

Her salary and net worth are under review.

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