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Steve Kornacki Biography and Wiki

Steve Kornacki is a well-known American journalist and a writer. He also serves as a National Political Correspondent for NBC News and MSNBC.

Steve Kornacki Age

He is 41 years of age as of 2020. He was born on August 22, 1979, in Groton, Massachusetts, USA.

Steve Kornacki Height and Weight

He is about 6.5 feet tall and weighs in at approximately 64 kg.

Steve Kornacki Parents and Siblings

Steve, whose real name is (Stephan Joseph Kornacki) was born in the USA; he was raised by his two loving parents, Stephan Joseph Kornacki and Anne Ramonas Kornacki.  He has only one older sibling known as Kathryn Kornacki, who was born in 1978. She is also a lecturer at Caldwell University.

Steve Kornacki Education Background

He went to Groton-Dunstable Regional High School in 1997. After completing high school, he went to Boston University, where he pursued a degree in film and television.

Steve Kornacki Nationality

He is an American citizen of German origin.

Steve Kornacki Partner and Children

He publicly admitted that he was gay in an article he wrote “the Salon” on November 6, 2011. He clearly states how he hid his status for a long time and how a breakup with his partner at that time made him come out publicly and accept himself for who he was. Many people reacted well to that article. He is very private concerning his relationship life, making it difficult to know if he is married or single. Rumors surfaced that he was married to David Mack due to David’s tweets on his Twitter official page, which communicated otherwise: “When will my husband, Steve Kornacki, return from war.” “Do not deny our marriage.” Steve did not comment much about these tweets, but later on, David and his partner’s pictures surfaced. He seemed happy these helped to clear the rumors a bit.

Steve Kornacki Career

He began his career in 2002 after completing university. The journalist started working as a reporter for He wrote several articles while he was still working for and even after exiting his current workplace at that time. His articles appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and The Boston Globe; those are just a few that can be mentioned.

In 2010 he started writing at Salon full time, where he became the publication’s editor. In 2013 he transitioned from writing to broadcasting news, where he joined MSNBC.

The anchor has  hosted a couple of shows, including Up With Steve Kornacki, scheduled for Saturday and Sunday. Steve also hosted Meet The Press Daily,

which was scheduled for Monday. He also co-hosted The Cycle.

He is National Political Correspondent for NBC News and MSNBC. The man has gained much popularity in the USA 2020 election period, where he usually worked tirelessly to tabulate and analyze the incoming votes. That is not all; everyone noticed the love Steve has for khaki. There was no day he would make a presentation without wearing khaki. Many memes emerged due to the way he presented his show and how he dressed. He won the hearts of many Americans this election period.

Steve Kornacki Publications

In 2011 he published his book known as The Red And The Blue. The 1990s and Birth Of Political Tribalism. This book majorly talks about politics and how tribalism was born in politics where two notable characters brought this about are Clinton and Gingrich. It is a good book for history but does state how to solve this political change’s problems.

Steve Kornacki Salary and Net Worth

The net worth of Steve is estimated to be $ 8million to $ 25million. He gained most of his wealth due to his hard work in the networks he worked with. He earns as salary is not displayed, but MSNBC anchors get an average salary between $25000 to $200000.

Rise of Fame Steve Kornacki

During USA elections 2020, he has been a talk for many Americans both in social spaces and among experts. A Twitter handle that went around Americans during the time indicated that Americans were worried about his health. His tireless work as a political analyst working as an anchor at NBC news saw him go for days without sleep. There were raised concerns among many Americans as they sought to know why Steve Kornacki was overworking. The trend-led to many Americans seeking to know his personal life, salary, and motivation behind his work. Americans’ talk forced the media to force him to go out of the air for some time for him to find some rest. When he returned on air, he informed Americans that he did not work out of pressure from his bosses, but it was out of self-dedication that he had on his job.

Personal Philosophies of Steve Kornacki

He is a political ideologist who firmly believes the power to serve in leaders should primarily focus on how citizens in a country elect their leader.

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