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Marianna Sotomayor Bio, Age, Height, Parents, Husband, MSNBC, Net Worth

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Marianna Sotomayor is an American Congressional reporter covering the House of Representatives. She reports on Democ.
Marianna Sotomayor Photo

Marianna Sotomayor Photo


Marianna Sotomayor Biography

Marianna Sotomayor is an American Congressional reporter covering the House of Representatives. She reports on Democ. She reports on Democratic and Republican leadership in the House of Representatives for The Washington Post.

Marianna Sotomayor Age

Sotomayor is 28 years old as of 2021. She was born on December 2, 1993, in the United States.

Marianna Sotomayor Height

She is 5 feet 3 inches tall.

Marianna Sotomayor Education

She graduated from George Washington University with, BA in political communications and MA in strategic communications.

Marianna Sotomayor Nationality

She is of American nationality.

Marianna Sotomayor Parents

Sotomayor was born to her father Eduardo Sotomayor and her mother Maria Gavancho Sotomayor. She grew up with her brother Eduardo Jr.

Marianna Sotomayor Husband

She is not married. Previously, She was in a six-year relationship with Maximillian Blinder a law student at George Washington University Law School.

Marianna Sotomayor MSNBC

Sotomayor is working at MSNBC. She also served at CNN where she assisted producers across the department. Furthermore, she was introduced to members of Congress such as Rep. Steve Israel (D-NY) by CNN’s chief congressional correspondent Dana Bash.

She wrote as well as reported stories on Democratic campaign spending, midterm elections, and many others at Elections magazine and Campaigns. Also, she was selected as one of 12 students nationally by, POLITICO in the year 2014, for its Journalism Institute, an intensive journalism-training program. During this time she researched as well as wrote about student data privacy.


She received a mysterious email with the subject line “Confidential” while on spring break. After opening the email as well as scanning the text, she learned that she was being honored a political journalism work by the WHCA.

Furthermore, on April 25, she will be attending the WHCA dinner along with Washington’s most powerful political players as well as will meet President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.

Marianna Sotomayor Salary

Sotomayor has an estimated net worth of $1 million dollars and $5 million dollars as of 2022. Her salary is not known.

Is Marianna Sotomayor the daughter of Justice Sotomayor?

Marianna Sotomayor is not related to Justice Sotomayor. She is the daughter of Dr. Eduardo Sotomayor and Dr.

Who is Marianna Sotomayor related to?

She is the daughter of Eduardo Sotomayor, father, and Maria Gavancho Sotomayor, mother. Sotomayor has one sibling called Eduardo Sotomayor Jr.

Is Marianna Sotomayor related to Sonia?

No, Justice Sonia Sotomayor is not linked to Marianna Sotomayor in any manner. Marianna works as a journalist for The Washington Post, while Sonia is an associate judge of the United States Supreme Court. Sotomayor is the Supreme Court’s first female justice.

Marianna Sotomayor Instagram

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Marianna Sotomayor Twitter

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