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Kate Haskell

Kate Haskell Biography

Kate Haskell is a media personality serving as a broadcast presenter for ITV News Westcountry. She is also a freelance writer. She contributes to various magazines, Sunday Independent newspapers, and online media.

Kate Haskell Age

How old is Kate Haskell? Kate’s age is unknown. She has not also shared her birthday.

Kate Haskell Height

She is 5 feet 6 inches tall (Approximately 1.68m or 168cm).

Kate Haskell Nationality

Haskell is of British nationality.

Kate Haskell Education

There is no information about her educational background.

Kate Haskell Family

Haskell hasn’t shared any information about her family with the public. Therefore, it is not known whether she has siblings or not.

Kate Haskell Husband

Kate is married and has two children, a daughter, Lauren Gale, and a son, Joe Gale. She also has a very naughty Sprocker spaniel puppy. The family lives by the sea in a most idyllic part of the South Devon Coast so rowing, kayaking and generally being a beach bum are their main occupations.


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Kate Haskell ITV

Who is Kate Haskell? Haskell is a freelance ITV presenter, presenting the weather, news, and entertainment with even the odd gardening programme thrown. She started working in Television in 1998 for, what was then, Westcountry TV as their Weather Presenter.

When joining Westcountry TV, Haskell took over from the superb but rather irreverent Ron Bendell and it was a tough act to follow.

“I honestly thought I was truly terrible and was constantly waiting to be sacked. However, they must have seen something in me because I stayed on. During my time have had the privilege to report on weather stories from the Boscastle floods to the Dawlish sea wall collapsing and also present programmes ranging from gardening, history, showbiz & entertainment to the flagship news programme,” she says.

She is also a freelance writer. She writes for Devon Life magazine and has a weekly column in the Sunday Independent, covering all topics from lifestyle to food to drink and motherhood. Her other secret is that she runs a murder mystery company that provides murderous fun across the South West.

From July 2014, she presented weather bulletins for BBC TV and radio for 6 months.

Kate Haskell Illness

Has Kate Haskell been ill? Yes. Kate was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, which she said: “turned her world upside down”. But a couple of weeks ago, her final scan showed the cancer was gone.

“To use a really terrible weather analogy I feel like I’ve been in a tornado,” Kate said. I feel like I’ve been whipped up, churned around, and now spat out the other side – it’s been a journey or two. To have this diagnosis was a complete shock, I mean I’ve been told it’s nothing hereditary, it’s nothing lifestyle-induced, it’s just one of those really rubbish things that happen which is also quite hard to deal with you know like ‘why me?’ But actually, after a while, I was thinking ‘Why not me?’ You know cancer affects one in two people why shouldn’t it happen to me but like I say I think I always thought I was a bit invisible and that it just wouldn’t happen.”


Kate had chemotherapy treatment within two weeks of being diagnosed.

“I am so grateful to the NHS but also, in particular, the hematology unit at Torbay Hospital,” she said. They were so on it, I was stage 4, I really needed treatment very quickly and they gave me the best care and support possible.”

While Kate has had the good news her cancer has gone, it will take more time to recover fully.

She said: “One of the scariest things about cancer is how vulnerable it makes you and for a complete self-confessed control freak, that’s been the hardest bit. That fact that you can’t do things with your kids, you can’t go to work, you can’t do things around the house, you have to be looked after, it was just terrifying for me.”

Speaking to ITV News West Country reporter Claire Manning, Kate said: “I think what helped me, what was a huge part of my recovery, was that contact from people so my ITV colleagues, you [Claire] in particular have been amazing, my family and friends. You know just getting a text, an email, sometimes there was a little gift or a phone call and it would weirdly happen just at those little moments when you are having your darkest time and it would suddenly remind you of just how much love and kindness there is around you.”

Kate returned to the screens in March 2023, after she was diagnosed with cancer five months ago.

Kate Haskell Salary and Net Worth

Her salary and net worth are under review.

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