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J. C. Monahan

J. C. Monahan Biography

J. C. Monahan (Jennifer Catherine) is an Emmy award-winning media personality serving as the evening news anchor for NBC Boston. She joined NBC 10 Boston in July 2017. Previously, she was an evening news anchor for WCVB-TV 5. She also co-anchored Chronicle, the station’s evening magazine show.

J. C. Monahan Age

How old is J. C. Monahan? Monahan is 50 years old. She was born on December 10, 1972, in Newton, Massachusetts, United States of America.

J. C. Monahan Height and Measurements

She is 5 feet 7 inches tall (Approximately 1.7m or 170cm). She also weighs around 55 kg (121 lbs).

J. C. Monahan Nationality

She is American by nationality.

J. C. Monahan Education

Monahan graduated from the University of Maine with a B.A. in Broadcast Journalism in 1994. She went on to graduate from Mississippi State University’s Broadcast Meteorology program.

J. C. Monahan Parents

A Newton native, J. C. is the daughter of George and Claire. She was raised alongside her sister. However, there isn’t much information about her.

J. C. Monahan Husband

Who is J. C. Monahan married to? J. C. was married to Jim Farrell, a director at WGBH and they have two daughters, Catherine born in 2006, and Victoria Rose born on March 28, 2012. In 2017 after more than 15 years of marriage, the couple divorced. However, they are sharing custody of their two daughters.

J. C. Monahan NBC 10 Boston

J. C. is an Emmy award-winning journalist with more than 25 years of experience. She is also an AMS-sealed meteorologist.

In 2001 J. C. began as a weekend Meteorologist for WCVB-TV 5. After 10 years of forecasting for the weekday EyeOpener, J. C. was promoted to co-anchor of Chronicle, the station’s evening magazine show, where she earned both a regional Edward R. Murrow award and a Gracie award. She was also WCVB’s evening news anchor. During this time, she covered the Boston Marathon tragedy, co-hosting a one-hour special on the first anniversary and helping develop a live special for the Boston Strong concert.

In 2017, J. C. came to the Boston NBC and Telemundo stations as News Anchor for NBC10 Boston, an NBCUniversal Owned Station. In her time at NBC10 Boston, J. C. has reported from all regions of New England and beyond. Notable events include the Super Bowl in Minnesota, and she spent a month in South Korea covering the Winter Olympics on NBC.

J. C. has received recognition for her outspoken advocacy for Mental Health. By “Breaking Her Silence,” she has given a much-needed voice to the local community still struggling.

J. C. Monahan Illness

For many years, Monahan had a secret—and keeping it nearly cost her everything. She had been suffering in silence first from depression and then from debilitating anxiety for more than a year. Yet she told almost no one—not her family, not even the people she consider her best friends.


In 2021, Monahan decided to break the silence after she was found unconscious in her apartment.

“What saved me was learning to open up about what I was going through with the people I loved. Still, I never wanted to share this story beyond my circle of friends and family. I never wanted to do exactly what I am doing right now: tell my story to all of Boston. As a journalist, I’ve witnessed the strength it takes for people to sit down with me during what might be the most difficult or emotional moment of their life. They trust that I will treat their words with dignity and respect, an honor I protect fiercely. But I have never wanted to tell my own story,” she said.

Monahan was diagnosed with depression in 2007, a year after having her first child. However, it took far too long for her to get help. It wasn’t until the post-baby blues lingered and she found it impossible to be the kind of mother she wanted to be that she began seeing a psychiatrist.

“I was committed to getting well, knowing my daughter depended on me. I took on this new challenge like I do most things: headstrong and determined. Over time, with therapy and an antidepressant, I felt more like myself.”

In 2017, her emotional downward spiral began. However, through the help of friends and family members, she was able to overcome it. By the time pandemic hit, Monahan had the skills and the support she needed to be alone without falling into darkness again.

Her major lesson is that people really do want to help—they often just don’t know how.

Commonly Asked Questions

Does J. C. Monahan have kids?

Monahan has two daughters; Catherine born in 2006, and Victoria Rose born on March 28, 2012.

Is J. C. Monahan still married?

Monahan is not married as of 2023. She separated from her husband of more than 15 years in 2017.

Where is J. C. Monahan today?

Monahan is a News Anchor for NBC10 Boston, an NBCUniversal Owned Station. She joined the Boston NBC and Telemundo stations in 2017.

J. C. Monahan Salary

She receives an average annual salary ranging between $20,000 – $100,000 as of 2023.

J. C. Monahan Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth ranging between $1 million – $5 million as of 2023.

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