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Emmanuel Igunza

Emmanuel Igunza Biography

Emmanuel Igunza is a media personality serving as the BBC correspondent in Ethiopia. He joined the network in September 2012. Previously, he was a news presenter for Nation Media Group.

Emmanuel Igunza Age

He was born in May 15, 1983. He is 38 years old.

Emmanuel Igunza Height

Igunza is tall in stature although his height is undisclosed.

Emmanuel Igunza Education

In 2007, he graduated with a Diploma in Journalism from the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication. While there, he was the captain of the college football. He was also a member of drama club.

Between 2012 and 2015, he studied Bachelor of Arts in Social Communication from Tangaza College, Catholic University of Eastern Africa.

Additionally, he attended Queen of Apostles Seminary High School.

Emmanuel Igunza Family

There is no information about his parents. However, recently he narrated how he visited his maternal grandmother in December 2020 in the company of his son not knowing that it would be the last time they’ll ever saw her alive.

“Last December, after a few days of sleepless nights, I woke up in the middle of the night with a strong urge to see my maternal grandma. I took the 6-hour-long drive with my son. We saw her, weak in bed. She tried reaching out to us to hold hands, we stayed back, it was the first time my son was seeing her and the last. She breathed her last yesterday of old age.”


His grandmother passed away on February 5, 2021 due to old age.

Emmanuel Igunza Wife

He is married to Nelly Kimani, Assistant Human Resources Manager at Farmers Choice Ltd. The couple have a son.

Emmanuel Igunza Patrick Igunza

The duo have no blood relation. Instead they are just namesakes. However, they are both journalists, a common feature they share.

Patrick is a senior business reporter and anchor at Citizen Tv, in Kenya.

Emmanuel Igunza BBC

Igunza is an Ethiopia-based correspondent for BBC Africa, where he covers politics, business, climate change, human rights and international justice in East Africa and the Horn of Africa. He has covered civil war in South Sudan, civil unrest and democratic changes in Ethiopia, the plight of refugees in the Horn of Africa and African migrants attempting to get to Europe via the Mediterranean Sea.

Prior to joining BBC, Igunza worked as a news presenter for Kenya’s Nation Media Group, the largest media house in East and Central Africa. He has also worked for the London-based Institute of War and Peace Reporting (IWPR) as an international justice reporter. At the United Nations, he is interested in covering the role of Security Council in peace and security in Africa, African calls for UN reform and the changing face of UN peacekeeping missions on the continent.

He began his career as a reporter at Radio Waumini between March 2004 and March 2008.

Emmanuel Igunza Depression

Igunza recently opened up about his battle with depression. He also added how Covid-19 and work place bullying has impacted his mental health.

“The past one year has been terrible for me, like most people. I had to deal with Covid-19 related anxiety plus work place bullying and dilapidating depression that literally hijacked my soul,” he said.

He also added that it got worse to the point that he couldn’t perform his duties adequately. “I had to drag myself through the day – with a fake smile and all. I basically switched off from news- it was too depressing, scary.”

Emmanuel went ahead to say, “I have always enjoyed travelling but seeing people suffering and dying with Covid-19 made me stay indoors for days, weeks. I was so scared. Then a scare I had contracted Coronavirus made me even more paranoid.”

At some point, he moved to the village where he found solace and retreated from social media.

“Having to deal with anxiety and agoraphobia in the times of Covid-19 is a whole new level. So, I retreated from everyday life, social media and found solace hiding in my village,” Igunza said.

He also explained that his 2020 experience taught him that there are two kinds of people when it comes to matters regarding mental health.

“Throughout this year, I’ve learnt there people who just talk about mental health and Covid-19 to tick off the boxes and there are people who know how insane these times are for people with mental illnesses. Be nice to each other… It really doesn’t take much,” he explained.

Emmanuel Igunza Salary and Net Worth

His salary and net worth is under review.

Emmanuel Igunza Instagram

He does not have an Instagram account.

Emmanuel Igunza Twitter


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