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Colin Brazier

Colin Brazier Biography

Colin Brazier is a media personality serving as a Presenter at GB News. His weekly TV show Brazier has also been aired via radio since January 2022, on GB News Radio. Previously, he was a Presenter at Sky News.

Colin Brazier Age

Brazier is 54 years old. He was born on March 28, 1968, in Bradford, United Kingdom.

Colin Brazier Height

He is 6 feet 2 inches tall.

Colin Brazier Nationality

He is British.

Colin Brazier Education

Colin studied English literature at Cardiff University, where he was also elected to serve for a year as Communications Officer at Cardiff University Students’ Union. He then trained as a journalist at The Northern Echo and the Yorkshire Post.

Colin Brazier Parents

Brazier was brought up by his mother, a nurse. Estranged from his father for most of his childhood, Brazier used the surname Eshellby until he and his father were reconciled.

Colin Brazier Wife

In 1999, Colin married Joanna Roughton, at the time Reuters Asia editor and then Sky News’ head of foreign news until her retirement in 2012.

Joanna had been diagnosed with cancer and was told her illness was terminal. She died from breast cancer on July 6, 2018, aged 55.

Joanna’s tragic death left Colin a widowed father of six. Years later he found love with a family friend, Olivia Warham.

“We were thrown together,” Colin told the Daily Mail’s, Richard Eden.

“Olivia and Mark were friends of ours and, sadly, Mark died of cancer around the same time as Jo.”

“We bonded through our grief and are very happy together now. Olivia has three children and they get on really well with mine, so that’s great,” he added.

Colin also revealed in an interview a year later that six months before Jo died, she had instructed him to marry again for the sake of his own sanity – and that path led him to Olivia.

“Jo knew my limitations, what I could and couldn’t cope with,” he said.

“Marry again or you’ll go mad,” she instructed me six months before she died.”

Colin Brazier GB News

Brazier is a presenter at GB News. In February 2021, it was announced that he was leaving Sky News for GB News. On the channel, he and Mercy Muroki  co-hosted Brazier & Muroki, a daytime “news, interview and debate” programme. In August 2021 it was replaced by a different programme, leaving Brazier’s sole presenting role as filling in for Andrew Neil

in the 8 pm slot.

Following Neil’s resignation as a GB News presenter in September 2021, Brazier was given a permanent programme at 8 pm called Brazier. In January 2022, Brazier’s 8 pm weeknight show was moved to 4-6 pm, and the 8 pm Monday-Friday slot was filled by a new show, Steyn, hosted by Mark Steyn. His weekly TV show Brazier has also been aired via radio since January 2022, on GB News Radio.

Brazier also writes regularly for the Catholic Herald, Spectator, and Daily Mail. His book ‘Arguing the merits of a larger family’ provoked a strong response in the UK and beyond when it was published in 2013.

Brazier started his journalism career at a newspaper in County Durham, before moving to the Yorkshire Post. He also worked at the BBC, then ITV before joining Sky News in 1997. Prior to joining GB News as a daytime TV news presenter, he spent 24 years at Sky News, where he won an International Emmy and a BAFTA. As a foreign correspondent, he was awarded a New York Film Festival Gold Medal for his reporting in Afghanistan and a Monte Carlo TV Festival award for his work in Iraq. He also conducted one of the last interviews with Colonel Muammar Gadaffi in Libya.

In December 2004, Brazier was alleged to have assaulted his producer, Julian Morrison, after an argument following a staff Christmas party in Brussels. Morrison went to the hospital, having suffered a broken nose and damaged teeth, and was off work for several days. Brazier was recalled to London following the incident.

In July 2014, following the destruction of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 over Ukraine, Brazier was filmed tampering with the contents of a victim’s luggage. Widespread media criticism and calls for Brazier’s resignation ensued. Over 100 complaints about Brazier’s conduct were submitted to Ofcom. In an article published in The Guardian on 22 July 2014, Brazier apologized and said that his actions were “a serious error of judgment”.

His interests include horse-riding, cricket, and football.

Colin Brazier Salary and Net Worth

His salary and net worth are under review.

Colin Brazier Instagram

He does not have an Instagram account.

Colin Brazier Twitter

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