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Annita McVeigh

Annita McVeigh Biography

Annita McVeigh is a media personality serving as a presenter at BBC. She is also the school governor with a special interest in literacy at her children’s school.

Annita McVeigh Age

Her exact age is unknown, however, it is believed that she is in her mid-forties.

Annita McVeigh Height

She is 5 feet and 8 inches tall.

Annita McVeigh Nationality

Her nationality is British.

Annita McVeigh Education

Growing up, Annita went to school in Dungannon. She also graduated from Queen’s University Belfast with a Bachelor’s degree in English and Politics in 1991.

Annita McVeigh Parent

McVeigh is the daughter of Gerry and May McVeigh. She was born and raised in the county of Armagh. An only child she helped her parents on the farm. However, her parents wanted to see her go far in the world and enrolled her in elocution, singing, and drama lessons. “My mother was very keen for me to get out and try all sorts of activities. Speech and drama definitely helped me with public speaking and gave me confidence. We always watched the news – Sandy Gall, remember him? Fantastic man. I met him when I was at Queen’s and he was over doing a book signing, and he wished me well.”

One night during the conflict in mid-Ulster her mother had a lucky escape. She was driving home when she was forced to mount a grass verge to get around a van parked outside the local police station. Moments later, the van exploded.

When Annita was 18 years old, and in her first year of an English and politics degree her father died of a heart attack. Away from home, she had the solace of her best friend, Tricia, from her Sisters of Mercy primary school days, who had also gone to Queen’s and stayed at the same halls of residence as her, before sharing a house with her and other students on Belfast’s Botanic Avenue.


Years later her mother died from dementia.

Annita McVeigh Husband

McVeigh is married to Martin Reid since 2004. They first met at the fifth-anniversary party for BBC News 24. Reflecting on their first meeting, she said; “I was at an age where I knew this was the right person — no, I don’t want to say what age. Men aren’t asked about their age. But I’m happy to say most people think I’m younger than I am.”

Her husband is from Hartlepool and he also has a northeast accent.

Martin and Annita have two kids, a daughter, and a son. Their daughter is a fan of Ariana Grande, she watches all her TV series.

Annita McVeigh BBC

Annita began her career in the late 1990s in Northern Ireland with the BBC’s Newsline programme, where she worked as a reporter and occasional presenter. In 2002, she moved to BBC Network News as a News Correspondent, with her reports appearing on BBC One, BBC News, and BBC Radio.

She stayed in this role until the Summer of 2006, when, shortly after returning from maternity leave, she became a news channel presenter, replacing Joanna Gosling on the weekend evening shift after she moved to the weekday schedule. Her initial co-presenter was veteran newsreader Chris Lowe, who retired in January 2009.

Annita McVeigh Accent

Annita has a Northern Ireland accent. This is due to her roots in the region. “The kids are very fascinated by my Northern Ireland roots. They talk quite a lot about it but they don’t have any hint of the accent or Martin’s northeast accent.”

Annita McVeigh Salary

She earns an average salary ranging between $40,000 to $110,500 per year.

Annita McVeigh Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth ranging between $1 million to $5 million.

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