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Martin Patience

Martin Patience Biography

Martin Patience is a media personality serving as the BBC Middle East correspondent based in Beirut since October 2017. Previously, he was a BBC foreign correspondent based in Lagos, Beijing and Kabul.

Martin Patience Age

He is 56 years old. However, his exact date of birth is unknown.

Martin Patience Height

Patience is 5 feet and 11 inches. He is also size 34.

Martin Patience Nationality

He is Scottish by nationality.

Martin Patience Education

In 2002, Martin graduated from the University of Glasgow with a Bachelor’s degree in History. While there, he worked for the Glasgow University Guardian. He also won the student journalist of the year and got a placement at the Glasgow Herald.

Between 2003 and 2004, Martin studied Master’s degree in Journalism at Colombia University in the City of New York. He earned a scholarship from Colombia University to study Arabic in Syria.

Martin Patience Family

Patience was born and raised in Scotland. However, there is little information about his parents.

During an interview, Martin mentioned that his most treasured possession is his grandfather’s books. “He was a headmaster and it’s a set of leather-bound Charles Dickens books. I haven’t actually got them yet, but Mum’s earmarked them for me because I’m the reader. He died when I was three, so I never really knew him, but people say I’m the most like him out of all our family members.”

He has a sister although her name is unknown. She studied at the University of Glasgow, same as her mother and grandfather.

Studying at the University of Glasgow was like an honor to Martin.  ‘’It was a huge honor. I studied there, my sister studied there, my mother and grandfather did too. I felt it wasn’t just for me. It was for the whole family’.’

Martin Patience Wife

The journalist is married. However, his wife’s name is not known. He also has a son.

His wife is American-Bangladeshi. Her grandfather, Munier Chowdhury, appeared as a doodle image on Google in Bangladesh. It was to mark what would have been his 95th birthday. He was murdered 50 years ago.

Martin is planning to return home from his wandering career for the sake of his son. “It’s great to have lived in different countries, but my son is growing up and I think giving your kids a sense of place is very important. We’ll have to make a big decision soon about whether it’s Scotland or America – my wife is American Bangladeshi. If it is America, well, once he’s grown up, I’m coming home.”

Martin Patience BBC

Patience serves as the BBC Middle East correspondent based in Beirut since October 2017. Prior to Beirut, he worked as a BBC foreign correspondent based in Lagos, Nigeria. Some of the stories he covered include; Boko Haram insurgency in North-East Nigeria.

Between August 2010 and August 2015, Martin was a BBC China correspondent.

Martin Patience Accent

In October 2019, Martin received attacks from social media after trolls said he needed ‘to speak more middle class’. In his defense he replied: “Look pal in Glasgow I’m considered posh …”.

One of the trolls @Oldblackbeard1, mentioned that Patience was difficult to understand and should “speak better accented English”, before likening the English accent to “more middle class”. However, many twitter users were quick to defend him and his broad accent.

Martin Patience Salary

His salary is under review.

Martin Patience Net Worth

His net worth is under review.

Martin Patience Instagram

He does not have an Instagram account.

Martin Patience Twitter


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