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Celia Walden (Piers Morgan Wife)Bio, Age, Family, Telegraph, Book

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Celia Walden

Celia Walden


Celia Walden Biography

Celia Walden is a media personality serving as a columnist, feature writer, and novelist who covers lifestyle, entertainment, and opinion. She joined Telegraph Media Group in September 2005. Previously, she was editing the popular Spy column in The Daily Telegraph.

Celia Walden Age

Walden is 46 years old. She was born on 8 December 1975 in Paris, France.

Celia Walden Height

She is tall in stature but her height is undisclosed.

Celia Walden Nationality

She is British.

Celia Walden Education

Walden attended Westminster School followed by the University of Cambridge, where she read French and Italian.

Celia Walden Parents

Celia is the daughter of George Walden and Sarah Hunt. Her father is a former diplomat and MP with an intimate knowledge of both China and Russia. From 2012 to its demise in 2017 he was the chair of the Russian Booker Prize.

George attended not just Cambridge University but the universities of Moscow, Hong Kong, and the École Nationale d’Administration in Paris too. The experience served him well as a diplomat in the Foreign Office for more than 20 years, after which he became a Conservative MP. As a parliamentarian, he served Mrs. Thatcher as Minister for Higher Education from 1985 to 1987. His public career has underlain a second role as a journalist and author, during which he frequently throws off the restraints of diplomacy in favor of trenchant opinions.

Her mother is an art historian and picture restorer, who worked on old masters, including Rembrandts, Titians, and Vermeers, at the Louvre and for Christie’s. She is also the daughter of Dr. Thomas Hunt, a physician to Winston Churchill, Clement Attlee, and Anthony Eden.


Celia Walden Siblings

She has two brothers.

Celia Walden Husband

Celia is married to Piers Morgan, a fellow journalist. The couple started dating in January 2006 before getting married in a private ceremony in the Oxfordshire village of Swinbrook on 24 June 2010.

In June 2011, Morgan announced that the couple was expecting a child, and on 25 November 2011, Celia gave birth to Elise Pughe-Morgan, her first child, and her husband’s fourth.

Previously, Morgan was married to Marion, an ex-nurse he divorced in 2008. He and his ex-wife have three sons, Albert, 20, who is studying politics at Bristol University, Stanley, 23, a Lamda-trained actor, and Spencer, 28, a sports journalist.

Celia Walden Marriage Sabbatical

In August 2022, Walden came to the end of a six-week marriage sabbatical – as in, six weeks away from her husband and marriage.

“It’s the longest we’ve spent apart since the start of the pandemic. In fact, I don’t think we’ve spent more than a couple of nights apart for over two years, and he’ll agree with me when I say: every married couple (who has lived through three lockdowns) should do this,” Walden says.

“You know when your computer becomes painfully slow without any discernible cause and the answer is always to “switch it off at the mains and restart”? That’s what a marriage sabbatical does.”

“There was nothing wrong. We weren’t glitching. It wasn’t like the little rainbow wheel known as ‘Satan’s beachball’ had started turning in my head every time he spoke (although I can’t speak for him). But when you consider how unnatural it was to spend every waking hour in your other half’s company for all those long months, it’s a miracle any couple – married or not – made it through unscathed,” she adds.

Celia Walden Telegraph

Walden is a columnist, feature writer, and novelist who covers lifestyle, entertainment, and opinion. Her first job in journalism was on Londoner’s Diary, the Evening Standard’s gossip column, where she had to grow a relatively thick skin ‘because it consisted of going up to Peter Mandelson at parties and having him tell her to f—k off.

By the time she met Morgan, she was editing the popular Spy column in The Daily Telegraph, before becoming a senior features writer at the newspaper and later, a columnist and US editor-at-large. Her first novel, Harm’s Way, was published in August 2008.

Celia Walden Salary and Net Worth

Her salary and net worth are under review.

Celia Walden Instagram


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Celia Walden Twitter

She does not have a Twitter account.

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