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Brynn Gingras

Brynn Gingras Biography

Brynn Gingras is a CNN National Correspondent based in New York City. She joined the network in March 2016 and she covers major breaking news events for the network. Previously, she was a reporter at NBC Universal.

Brynn Gingras Age

She was born on May 12, 1982 in Wallingford, Connecticut, USA.

Brynn Gingras Height

She is 5 feet 7 inches tall.

Brynn Gingras Nationality

Gingras is American by nationality. She belongs to the white ethnic group and she is a Connecticut native.

Brynn Gingras Education

She attended Lyman Hall High School. While there, she worked on the school newspaper and was a volunteer in putting together the senior yearbook. In an interview with New Haven Register, she said:

“When I was young I always told stories, I have always loved telling stories. Being a journalist is the best way to do that. I used to tell stories when I worked for our high school newspaper and for the yearbook.”

In 2004, she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in American studies and Sociology from Yale University. Brynn joined Yale women’s basketball team(bulldogs) and began as a point guard. She later developed into one of the top point guards in the state, finishing her career as the all-time scorer at that time on the girls basketball team with 1,209 points. She also became team captain in 2003. Now, she volunteer coaches with an inner city AAU program

Brynn Gingras Family

Gingras is the daughter of Mark Gingras of Italy and Christine Gingras of the Aborigines. She has an older sister called Margaux.

Brynn Gingras Husband

She married Adrian Melia in August 29, 2019 in a church at County Wicklow.


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Brynn Gingras Kids

Gingras has two boys, a son, Gavin and a stepson, Finn. Gavin was born in 2018 before her parents, Brynn and Adrian wedding. In December 10, 2020, Brynn underwent a very painful loss, a miscarriage. She narrated the ordeal in her article, ‘How Santa and brave women, like Meghan Markle, are helping me process an unimaginable loss,’
which was updated the same day.

‘I spent the day lining up interviews, talking to real-life, jolly Santa’s from around the Northeast. It was expectedly refreshing. But even that wasn’t greater than what I was about to do on Thursday. I had a doctor’s appointment scheduled to see my unborn baby for the first time, hear the heartbeat and get that coveted ultrasound photograph that I planned to send in a Christmas card to my in-laws in Ireland.’

‘I asked the doctor, “can I FaceTime my husband now?” He responded, “let’s just make sure everything is ok first.” For some reason, those words immediately nicked my heart. In my mind, there was no possibility of anything going wrong. The appointment went downhill from there.’

‘I stared at the ceiling, feeling the doctor feverishly move the wand around my stomach as if he lost something. Soon he softly uttered the words I truly didn’t expect to hear — “I didn’t find a heartbeat”.’

Brynn Gingras CNN

Gingras is a CNN Correspondent based in New York City covering major breaking news events for the network. She joined CNN in March 2016 and she has led the network’s coverage in major stories like the college admissions scandal, Harvey Weinstein, the #MeToo movement and the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Her reporting also covers domestic terrorist attacks, protests against police brutality, extreme weather events and law enforcement.

Prior to joining CNN, Brynn worked at NBC’s New York affiliate where she reported live in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. She captured the first pictures of the iconic boardwalk roller coaster floating in the ocean which earned her recognition from Twitter as a “2012 Top Tweet”. She was also on the front lines during the Newtown massacre and the Boston Marathon bombings. Her investigative reporting includes exposing the fraudulent practices of a gay former Marine turned waitress who claimed a New Jersey family didn’t tip because of her sexuality. The exclusive interview with the deceived family gained international exposure. Brynn’s coverage over her career has earned her an Edward R. Murrow award, a National Emmy and three regional Emmys.

Brynn also reported for affiliate stations WVIT in Hartford, Connecticut and anchored for the CNN affiliate KMIZ in Columbia, Missouri. She covered the trials and sentencing for Cheshire home invasion suspects Joshua Komisarjevsky and Steven Hayes, Hurricane Irene and the appeals of Ryan Ferguson.

Gingras began her career with CBS News’ documentaries division in New York City. There, she contributed to pieces on the Iraq War, Michael Jackson trial, Hurricane Katrina and the BTK arrest.

Brynn Gingras Salary

She earns an average salary of $51,000 annually.

Brynn Gingras Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

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