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Anna Nemtsova Biography

Anna Nemtsova is a Russian Journalist serving as a Correspondent for The Daily Beast based in Moscow. She previously worked as a translator for Washington Post correspondents in Moscow.

Anna Nemtsova Age

No availed data reveals her age, year, and date of birth.

Anna Nemtsova Height

Details of her stature measurements are yet to be updated.

Anna Nemtsova Nationality

She is a Russian national.

Anna Nemtsova Education

Her educational background data is yet to be updated.

Anna Nemtsova Family

Her family identity is not revealed. However, the updates shall be captured.

Anna Nemtsova Husband

Anna lives in Moscow with her husband and son, whose identities have not been disclosed.

Anna Nemtsova The Daily Beast

Nemtsova got attracted to a short course in reporting from a Moscow-based American reporter. Thereafter, she began working as a researcher, fixer, and translator for Washington Post correspondents, traveling across Russia, Ukraine, and the rest of the Post-Soviet Nations, reporting on the crisis in the North Caucasus and Central Asia.

Since then, Anna is considered one of the most well-respected and outspoken independent journalists in the region, a reputation that has sometimes seen her a target of threats, slander, and physical acts of harassment by those in positions of authority.

Withstanding these threats, among several instances of physical assault, the International Women’s Media Foundation (IWMF) recognized Nemtsova as a 2015 Courage Awardee for her commitment to revealing stories of corruption, terrorism, impunity, and oppression. She is also the winner of the Pulitzer Center’s 2012 Persephone Miel Fellowship.

Currently, Nemtsova is a correspondent for The Daily Beast based in Moscow. Her work has also appeared in The Washington Post, Politico, PRI, Foreign Policy,, Marie Claire, Newsweek, The Atlantic, and The Guardian.

As an established contributor to both The Daily Beast and Newsweek, she’s currently working on a freelance basis,  focusing her reporting on human rights and social issues in post-Soviet states and Europe. She writes as well as takes photographs and videos for her multi-media projects.


The Journalist says her editors offer a great deal of support, but there’s no getting around the fact that she must often place herself in harm’s way to get the stories that matter most. For instance, when officials attempted to cover up the shooting down of commercial airliner MH-17 last summer, she and two colleagues visited the makeshift morgue to identify the bodies of the victims. They were detained, interrogated, and threatened for several hours by a group of militiamen.

She recorded a similar experience in Ukraine just a few weeks prior, during her coverage of Russia’s support of rebel groups fighting in Eastern Ukraine. Rumors of torture, kidnappings, disappearances, and starvation drew her to the active conflict zone, where armed rebels forcefully detained her and her colleagues.

While covering the North Caucasus, her major challenge is balancing safety with a sense of journalistic duty, knowing the nature of danger for a reporter in Russia goes well beyond personal risks.

Her push for truth and accountability has exposed numerous abuses of power, including the arrests of those who protested Putin’s election, the displacement of families in Sochi who lost their homes during the construction for the Olympic games, abductions of Muslims, domestic violence across Russia, and the kidnapping of women in Crimea.

Nemtsova sees herself as a journalist committed to covering all sides of a story fairly.

Anna Nemtsova Salary And Net Worth

The information about her earnings and net worth shall be updated soon.

Anna Nemtsova Instagram

She hasn’t availed her Instagram account.

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